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Agriculture & Natural Resources

Purdue Extension strengthens all areas of Indiana’s agriculture. From new and aspiring farmers to multigenerational experts, and small farms to commercial enterprises, we provide objective diagnostics and best practices. Building on our foundation of face-to-face instruction for Indiana farmers, we ensure Indiana remains at the forefront of American agriculture with global reach.


Impacting 19.8 million acres

Through programs such as the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Program, Crop Diagnostic Training and Research for Industry, and the Indiana Master Cattleman Program, Purdue Extension regularly reaches 19.8 million acres of Midwest farmland.

The Beginning Farmer and Rancher Program gives new and aspiring farmers the opportunity to visit a diverse group of Indiana farms, network with fellow farmers, and learn from experts through a series of workshops and tours across the state.

For the last 30 years, the Purdue Crop Diagnostic Training and Research Center has hosted workshops for Indiana producers and professionals — offering expert, objective diagnostics and best practices.

Designed to help Indiana’s cattle producers take their operations to the next level, the Indiana Master Cattleman Program offers in-depth educational programming that enhances productivity, efficiency, and profitability.


growing a healthier community

Purdue Extension’s Local Food Program and its Master Gardener Program help foster a greater appreciation among the people of Indiana for homegrown foods.

Federal and regional granting agencies and organizations have money available for programs like Rebuilding Your Local Food Systems. Purdue Extension helps connect people at all food system levels to the grant information they need – with comprehensive training and education to start, complete, and manage grants.

The Master Gardener Program encourages the health of Indiana communities by:

  • Transforming individuals’ horticultural passions into outlets through which they can teach, feed, and grow their communities
  • Training from county-based Agriculture & Natural Resources Extension Educators that helps volunteers become Master Gardeners

preserving our natural resources

Through Purdue University’s Department of Forestry and Natural Resources (FNR), Purdue Extension provides the latest science-based education and information to ensure that generations to come can enjoy Indiana’s beauty and responsibly harness its natural resources. 

With programs in aquaculture, fish management, urban and forestry management, natural resource planning, wildlife, and the process and product design of sustainable biomaterials, FNR Extension is training the next wave of natural-resources science professionals. And by developing and distributing knowledge to help protect, manage, and sustain our terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, we’re safeguarding a future of high-quality soil and water in Indiana.